Bobby Janco is jewelry for men. A brand that is dedicated to making stylish and classic jewelry for men, without compromising either design or quality.

The ambition is to recreate the classic rings and jewelry, we know from our grandfather’s time, preserving the traditional values while adding a modern and Danish twist to create unique jewelry suitable for the times we live in. Times where it is okay to personalize your style. The watch is no longer a man’s only piece of jewelry.


I have started Bobby Janco, because I think the selection of jewelry for men is too narrow, especially the selection of rings. It’s about time someone makes something new for us men. So I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands.

My ambition has been to create jewelry that all men can wear. Jewelry that doesn’t require that you are a special type, but just a man who dares to be himself and stand out a little by his extraordinary style J

I design all jewelry and my inspiration comes from the Copenhagen street scene, my travels around the world and from my college days in the US and my fraternity days.

The jewelry in my first collection is named after something I have very close to my heart – my friends.

Alexander Janco Larsen