Jewelry Care

It’s important that you take good care of you Bobby Janco pieces and show them some love. That way they will stay looking fresh for a long long time. Jewelry care does not have to be hard or cumbersome. With these three simple actions you jewelry is taken well care of:

  1. Try to avoid direct contact with water or other liquid products that contain chemicals like soap, perfume, lotions or hair products. Therefore it’s a good idea to take of your Bobby Janco jewelry when you shower, before you go into the pool, when you are on the beach or when you apply products to your hair, face or body.
    I usually put on my jewelry as the last thing before I leave my apartment.
  2. Even though you love you Bobby Janco jewelry its best to take them of before you go to bed.
  3. Take of you jewelry when are about to do hard physical work, whether it’s exercising, playing sports or doing work in the garden. Both sweat, strokes and scratches will damage the jewelry.

If you follow these advices you jewelry will stand looking nice for a long time. But don’t be afraid to use your jewelry – it’s made to wear J

All Bobby Janco Jewelry is made out of 92,5 Sterling silver, which is a ‘soft’ metal. It is therefore very natural for bulky rings like Bobby Janco’s signet rings to get marks and scratches over time, when they bump into different materials. This is not seen as a defect in the jewelry but a natural sign of wear and tear.

A part of Bobby Janco’s jewelry is plated with 14 karat gold. This plating is also ‘soft’ and will rub off over time. This is quite normal for gold plated jewelry and it is not considered as a defect in the jewelry. How long time it will take before the gold wears off depends on how you use your jewelry.

All the stones used in Bobby Janco jewelry are natural stones with different hardness. If the stone suffers a hard hit there is risk that the stone will break or crack. It is therefore a good idea to take of your jewelry before doing physical work.

To obtain the best and strongest finish for our jewelry Bobby Janco uses anti-tarnish and rhodium plating to avoid discoloring and stains on the metal. The jewelry and especially the silver pieces can however over time oxidize or get some dark stains. To avoid this wipe you jewelry with a soft cloth after use to remove dirt and oils. If you jewelry however tarnish over time, you can go to a jeweler and buy the correct polish for your jewelry. Read the instruction carefully and clear your jewelry back to ‘new’.

In case you gold plated jewelry looses its gold plating it is always an option to take it to a jeweler and have him give it a new gold plating.

Your jewelry is best kept a dark and dry place for instance in a jewelry bag. Keep it out of sunlight and away from moist or damp places. I never keep leave my jewelry in near the window or in the bathroom.

I hope that you will like you jewelry and that they will be with you for a long time J


Best regards

– Bobby Janco